The USA Memory Championship (USAMC) held its qualifying event on August 7.

Competitors from around the country competed virtually in 5 events hosted by Lumosity and Memory League.

Returning from last year’s Virtual Competition were the Lumosity games Rotation Matrix and Memory Match.  Joining those two were the USAMC debut of three games provided by Memory League – Images, Names, and Numbers.

The ten competitors who advanced to the 2021 Finals were:

James Cumming
Grace Smith
Matthew Wilson
Michael Alexander Friedman
Makenna Good
Joshua Olayanju
Samay Shah
Kaitlyn Wei
Kyle Matschke
Rishabh Kasarla

These ten finalists will join several returning USA Memory Champions on stage to compete for the 22nd Annual USAMC title on October 23 in Orlando Florida.

Follow the USAMC on its Facebook page for regular updates regarding the October 23rd event.

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