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What If Every Member of Your Organization Was 100% Invested In Its Success?

What Would Be Possible?

Imagine if everyone on your team had the potential for limitless creativity, confidence, effectiveness, and efficiency. Now imagine they were unable to access even a fraction of this power.

It might be time to give your organization another look.

Did you know that…?

  •  Front line employees spend more than a third of their time at work dealing with obstacles rather than driving success
  • Most employees are not equipped to distinguish obstacle-based work from growth-based work.
  • Nearly a quarter of people involved in a project at any given time think it is doomed to fail from the start and still never speak up about it.

It’s a recipe for stagnation.

Yet most organizational development programs do little to address this. While the bulk of consultants give executives and managers insights and analysis, these findings fall short when applied to the high-pressure realities of your business. Traditional training programs bury workers with new skills, but without reinforcement. As such, old habits tend to pop right back up in the heat of any given workday.

At Dottino Consulting Group, we take a different approach. We operate in the space where leadership and front-line work intersects. Our programs are based around the idea that productivity, proactivity, and profits come from establishing the environment senior executives envision and then inspiring the front line to carry it out.

Is it easy? Absolutely not. But we have the power of nature’s most powerful machine on our side…the human brain.

Meet the Dottino Consulting Group
DCG works in ways large and small to connect the organization with your people intellectually and emotionally through a variety of proprietary methodologies and approaches. The ways by which these relationships are forged and maintained over time yield positive and lasting results by every desired metric.

 Signature Workshops

Signature Services

Subject Matter Training

Trainer Certification

  • Certain clients may prefer to license DCG’s intellectual property (IP) and conduct training in-house. DCG provides a complete “Train the Trainers” program – training,  detailed coaching and a step-by-step manual to successfully teach and implement the GRI and Leadership Frameworks

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Leadership Frameworks

DCG 101: Getting transformation to blossom from within.

At DCG, we believe that transformation is not possible unless everyone is equipped, engaged and involved. We implement time-tested process improvement methods with the practical application of emotional intelligence techniques rooted in neuroscience.  DCG inspires leaders and employees alike to set in motion solutions that effect sustainable transformation and produce a return on investment far beyond expectations. At the root of our effectiveness are our Signature Workshops – Leadership Frameworks™ and Grass Roots Innovation™ (GRI™).

Leadership Frameworks™

One of DCG’s highest impact offerings, this workshop is focused on teaching critical leadership skills to managers/executives throughout the organization. The workshop is conducted in three sections that are weeks apart, which enables work assignments to be given between each of the segments. The workshop teaches leaders frames of thinking that guide them in their day-to-day decisions that lead to optimal results.

Key topics include:

  • the 4 stages of brain-to-brain communication
  • techniques for creating employee focus
  • defining and achieving alignment for the organization’s “Big S” (Success)
  • the 7 brain principles
  • gaining employee commitment
  • sustaining results

A typical workshop can accommodate up to 25 managers.

This workshop complements Grass Roots Innovation (GRI) efforts.

Grass Roots Innovation™ (GRI™)

Popularly referred to as “The Three Day Miracle,” GRI™ is a workshop for frontline employees and their immediate manager/supervisor to identify and eliminate barriers to customer/client experience, eliminate process inefficiencies and improve financial performance. Frontline employees learn process innovation and emotional intelligence skills to address issues within their real-life work activities and deliver measurable results. The first three days of the workshop are consecutive, and work teams use the skills learned in GRI to develop specific action plans that are presented for approval to executive sponsors at the end of Day Three. Day Four is a follow-up session approximately six weeks later, where teams report out on their results using the measurements identified in their action plans. After the completion of these action plans, new projects are identified to deploy the GRI skills. Such follow-up assignments reinforce the GRI approach, enabling its sustainability and the accumulation of additional benefits from subsequent project improvements. It’s common to see teams continue to create and implement successful projects, on their own initiative years after their initial GRI training.

A typical workshop includes up to 25 participants broken into 4-6 teams.

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