Learn To Master Proven Memory Techniques, take in and disseminate information, be able to understand and share that information verbally and in written form, improve your test taking abilities and more. You can do all of this in only 30-minutes of Brain Training per day. Designed specifically for busy professionals, graduate students, and competitive memory athletes.
Transform your life and career in 30 days.

  • Module 1: Fundamentals
    Learn the secrets of maximizing your brain’s health at any age.
  • Module 2: Foundations of Memory
    Become a “superlearner by maximizing your memorization skills
  • Module 3: Powerful Memory Tools
    Your one stop shop, and comprehensive tool box for learning, memorization, and creativity skills
  • Module 4: Lists (Remembering Things in Order)
    Never need to write down a grocery list again! Improve your public speaking ability by confidently recalling key points from your talk in the correct order.
  • Module 5: Networking
    Improve your confidence when meeting new people. Increase likability, enhance opportunities for business success, and improve ability to build relationships and make sales.
  • Module 6: Mind Maps
    Increase your self-awareness and self-mastery of your own thoughts/feelings and improve your empathy towards others.
  • Module 7: Remembering Numbers
    Supercharge your networking skills, improve influencing skills, and increase professional opportunities as you become a super-learner and subject matter expert on any topic.
  • Module 8: Memorizing Presentations
    Never worry about flubbing a presentation or speech again!!
  • This Course Includes Printable Course Slides & Written Transcript – Downloadable PDF’s

Learn the best strategy for keeping your brain healthy and operating at peak performance at any age? This program shares the latest scientific research on the six keys that have the largest impact on brain fitness.

  • Lesson 1: Nutrition
    Learn which foods impact the brain’s function and memory. Understand why your food choices are critical to brain health. Make the best choices for maximum brain fitness!
  • Lesson 2: Exercise
    Exercise is essential for brain health as well as overall well-being. Learn how and why and the types of exercise that are most beneficial in developing a well-rounded exercise routine that includes a balance between cardio, strength, and flexibility.
  • Lesson 3: Sleep
    We explore sleep and its impact on brain function. Learn about each of the different stages of sleep, how they affect brain health, and get suggestions for improving your sleep.
  • Lesson 4: Mental Challenges
    Mental challenges are an important part of keeping your brain healthy. This lesson will highlight the most effective and best activities for improving brain health.
  • Lesson 5: Emotions and Stress
    Emotions have a strong impact on brain function. Explore how your response to events defines stress, produces emotion, an affects your brain health and memory. Learn ways to keep emotions in check and stress levels down.
  • Lesson 6: Social Interaction
    Social interactions are very important to brain fitness! Learn how your interactions with others impact a healthy brain and how to structure your interactions for the best brain benefits.

Personal Coaching with a Brain Power Series Expert

  • Coaching sessions are conducted via a Zoom video call and last one hour.
  • 30-minute consultation – Free
  • We provide personal customized coaching for individuals to assist them with their personal study and professional goals. Topics Include:
  • test preparation
  • supercharged study habits
  • mind mapping
  • brain health

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