100 Championship Points per event will be awarded to the MA with the highest score in each event. All raw scores will be calculated into Championship Points utilizing a Bell Curve and the value will carry 2 decimal points. For example:

Scoring for the Speed Card event will be slightly different than the other events. The amount of cards memorized and the time completed for each trial will be computed into a value. The highest value from both trials will win the event and score 100 points. All remaining scores will be calculated utilizing a Bell Curve.

Example: Tom memorizes 52 cards in 120 seconds, Dick memorizes 52 cards in 180 seconds, Jane memorizes 52 cards in 90 seconds and Harry memorizes 26 cards. These results will be calculated into a raw score utilizing the formula (52*(x/52)+((300-y)*.16666666) where x represents the number of cards memorized and y is the time. The calculation factor of .166666666 is a time bonus for memorization in under 300 seconds only.

Please note if x<52 then y=300. Only MAs who correctly recall 52 cards will be eligible for the time bonus.