Partnership With MIT McGovern Institute

McGovern Institute for Brain Research The USA Memory Championship is celebrating its 20th anniversary by announcing a partnership with MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research. This year’s USA Memory Championship finals will be held on July 14, 2018, at 1 pm at the Kresge Auditorium, MIT. Tony Dottino, the founder, has entered into a rare […]

Transformation in Real Life

Explore the Organizational Excellence Collection What If Every Member of Your Organization Was 100% Invested In Its Success? What Would Be Possible? Imagine if everyone on your team had the potential for limitless creativity, confidence, effectiveness, and efficiency. Now imagine they were unable to access even a fraction of this power. It might be time […]

Want to Take Your Memory to the Max?

Learn How Maximum Memory Mastery Can Take You From Ho-Hum to Mega Performance Maximum Memory = Peak Performance When it comes to creativity, problem-solving, or learning new information, your brain has the potential to be the highest performing vehicle on the planet.  Has anyone ever taught you how to get peak performance from its engine? […]

How to Host Your Own Memory Competition

Create an Exciting, Innovative Corporate Event Are you interested in a fun, highly interactive activity that will make your next corporate event unforgettable?  We’ve got a special version of the Boot Camp For The Brain that allows you to host your own Memory Competition. This event combines the most popular content of the Boot Camp […]

Meet the Very Special Woman of the USA Memory Championship

Karen Pinson, Chief Operating Officer and the only female executive in the USA Memory Championship organization, is encouraged by the interest shown in memory skills by women in this year’s 20th anniversary event held for the first time at MIT Orlando, Florida: The USA Memory Championship is celebrating its 20th anniversary by announcing a new […]