USAMC 2021 Championship Qualifying Event is Complete!

The USA Memory Championship (USAMC) held its qualifying event on August 7. Competitors from around the country competed virtually in 5 events hosted by Lumosity and Memory League. Returning from last year’s Virtual Competition were the Lumosity games Rotation Matrix and Memory Match.  Joining those two were the USAMC debut of three games provided by […]

Inaugural Virtual USA Memory Competition November 14, 2020!

We hope this update finds you well, and are certain you are anxious to hear about our plans and recent updates regarding the 22nd annual USA Memory Championship. We have been hard at work trying to troubleshoot a solution for a virtual competition of sorts for this year.  Circumstances being what they are, the decision […]

21st USA Mental Athletes Registered

Memory Athlete

By this time next week we will have crowned our 21st USA Memory Champion! Who will it be? Let’s see who has signed up: John Graham, defending USA Memory Champion Nelson Dellis, four time USA Memory Champion Avi Chavda, 2018 Silver Finalist Kyle Matschke, 2018 Finalist Livan Grijalva, 2018 Finalist Matthew Wilson, 2018 Finalist Tracy […]