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Are you interested in a fun, highly interactive activity that will make your next corporate event unforgettable?  We’ve got a special version of the Boot Camp For The Brain that allows you to host your own Memory Competition.

This event combines the most popular content of the Boot Camp for the Brain curriculum (Names and Faces, Roman Room, Deck of Cards) with a live mini-competition.  The offering is approximately four hours and can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Host Your Own Memory Competition

The session begins with Tony Dottino providing a fifteen-minute overview of the USA Memory Championship (USAMC) and how it has positively impacted schools, students and people of all ages. After the overview, Tony introduces Jim Karol.

Jim talks about the incredible power of the human brain and his own personal journey to developing his memory.  After his story, he engages the attendees that were greeted prior to the session. Beyond addressing each person by name, Jim asks them questions about the details they had previously shared with him.  This provides a powerful demonstration of mental ability that will entertain and inspire the audience. By personally engaging with so many attendees, Jim also creates a visceral connection with every other person in the room.  

Competition Event #1 – Names and Faces

After this demonstration, Tony and Jim provide fast paced instruction of a simple memory technique that powerfully demonstrates how you, too, can greatly improve recall of Names and Faces.  After this instruction, five volunteers are called on stage for a friendly competition to see who can remember the most.

Once the first competition event has been completed, Tony and the MA provide high impact instruction regarding another powerful memory technique (the loci method).  At the end of the instruction, Tony and the MA lead an exercise in which they can use the technique they’ve just learned to remember a list of key facts (contents of the list can be provided by you to fit the theme of the event). 

Competition Event #2 – Memorization Of Key Facts In Order

After the training is complete, Tony asks for five new volunteers from the audience to come on stage and recall (in order) the key facts they just learned.  Another friendly competition is held.

Finale – Demonstration of Memorization of a Deck of Cards

For the finale, Tony and Jim re-enact the most popular USAMC event – the memorization of an entire deck of 52 playing cards. The Jim is given 5 minutes to memorize the cards, and afterwards audience volunteers come on stage to serve as judges.  They will determine if he has memorized the entire deck correctly!

Session Wrap-up – Q&A

At the end of the session, Tony and the Jim take questions from the audience.  From our experience, the Q&A session is something that attendees greatly enjoy.  For example, many attendees have had questions about memory that they have wondered about for a long time. Having the chance to ask specific questions about memory to a pair of memory experts is a rare and valuable opportunity.


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