By this time next week we will have crowned our 21st USA Memory Champion! Who will it be? Let’s see who has signed up:

  • John Graham, defending USA Memory Champion
  • Nelson Dellis, four time USA Memory Champion
  • Avi Chavda, 2018 Silver Finalist
  • Kyle Matschke, 2018 Finalist
  • Livan Grijalva, 2018 Finalist
  • Matthew Wilson, 2018 Finalist
  • Tracy Miller, 2018 Finalist
  • Paul Mellor, longest competing MA
  • Lance Tschirhart, previous US Record Holder and Finalist
  • Daniel Guilfoyle, returning for the second time to compete
  • David Robertson, newcomer
  • John Crawford, newcomer
  • Thien Ngo, newcomer


Add to the mix the AMAZING students competing from:

  • Cumberland Valley, defending 2018 Team Champions
  • Torchlight Academies, Raleigh, NC
  • Bay Area Memory Club, San Ramon, CA
  • Hershey Area School District, Harrisburg, PA


This looks to be one of the most exciting events yet! Stay tuned next Sunday for periodic updates and news!

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