21st USA Mental Athletes Registered

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Memory Athlete

By this time next week we will have crowned our 21st USA Memory Champion! Who will it be? Let’s see who has signed up:

  • John Graham, defending USA Memory Champion
  • Nelson Dellis, four time USA Memory Champion
  • Avi Chavda, 2018 Silver Finalist
  • Kyle Matschke, 2018 Finalist
  • Livan Grijalva, 2018 Finalist
  • Matthew Wilson, 2018 Finalist
  • Tracy Miller, 2018 Finalist
  • Paul Mellor, longest competing MA
  • Lance Tschirhart, previous US Record Holder and Finalist
  • Daniel Guilfoyle, returning for the second time to compete
  • David Robertson, newcomer
  • John Crawford, newcomer
  • Thien Ngo, newcomer


Add to the mix the AMAZING students competing from:

  • Cumberland Valley, defending 2018 Team Champions
  • Torchlight Academies, Raleigh, NC
  • Bay Area Memory Club, San Ramon, CA
  • Hershey Area School District, Harrisburg, PA


This looks to be one of the most exciting events yet! Stay tuned next Sunday for periodic updates and news!

About Us

The USA Memory Championship was founded in 1997 by Tony Dottino and Marshall Tarley. It is an annual one-day event open to US citizens that invites competitors of age 10 and older to compete for the opportunity to be recognized as the national US Memory Champion.

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