We hope this update finds you well and are excited to share some updates regarding the 22nd annual USA Memory Championship. We are excited to announce that registration is now open!

Opening Date: Now through July 31, 2021
Eligibility: Legal US Resident, 13+
Fees: $30 early (prior to June 15), $60 onward

Qualifying Event:
When: August 7, 2021
Laptop/Desktop, High Speed Internet, Accounts on Lumosity, Memory League, and Zoom

What to train:
Lumosity – Rotation Matrix, Memory Match Overdrive // Memory League -Names, Number, Images

Description: Official event that determines the 10-12 finalists
Mark your calendars and sign up for accounts on Lumosity and Memory League to begin training!
Your registration fee for the competition covers subscription costs for the duration of the championship.
With those accounts, you will be able to practice the games before the qualifying events begin.
This year’s champion will receive the title of 22nd USA Memory Champion and a cash prize!
Feel free to reach out to our founder, Mr. Anthony Dottino, with questions, comments, or
concerns at tonydottino@usamemorychampionship.com or
our Chief Operations Officer Karen Pinson at
Remember to like our Facebook page for more updates, articles, and our exclusive
Live with Tony broadcast.

Hope to see you all on the 7th of August!
Tony Dottino, USA Memory Championship Founder and President


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