Congratulations to John Graham, the winner of the 23rd annual USA Memory Championship. John is a two time winner, having also won the championship held at MIT in Cambridge, MA in 2018.


Registration is open for the USA 2022 Memory Championship!
Registration dates:
Now through July 22nd, 2022


  • Oct 22, 2022

The 23rd USA Memory Championship

The 23rd USA Memory Championship will live stream on YouTube on Oct 22, 2022. Watch it here, or on YouTube.

Watch Live

The USA Memory Championship and Lumosity Team Up with The JCC Rosen Center and MIT to Host the 23nd Annual Memory Competition in Winter Park, Florida. Live streaming brought to you by Full Sail University.

(Times in Eastern Time Zone):

  • 12:00 – Opening Remarks
  • 12:15 – Introduce Pinball Recall
  • 12:20 – Pinball Recall
  • 12:35pm – Chris B Presentation- Via Zoom-Columbia University
  • 12:50pm – Pinball Winner Announcement (Interview w/ Nelson)
  • 12:55pm – Words to Remember Intro
  • 1:00 – Dr. Bob Presents-Lumos Labs
  • 01:15pm – Words to Remember Recall
  • 01:30pm – Nelson Interview
  • 01:35pm – Robert Ajemian Presents- Via Zoom-MIT
  • 01:50pm – Long Term Memory Event
  • 02:05pm – Nelson Interview
  • 02:10pm – Michael Presents Roman Room-Brain Power
  • 02:25pm – Tea Party
  • 02:55pm – Nelson Interview
  • 03:00pm – Double Deck or Bust
  • 03:20pm – Award
  • 03:25pm – Closing remarks/Champion

This year’s qualifying event was held virtually on Saturday, July 30th, and with of a mix of games hosted again by Lumosity and Memory League.

Games included in the qualifying round: 

The top 10-12 scoring athletes have advanced to the finals.

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