USA Memory Championship Sportsman of the Year – Livan Grijalva

Livan Grijalva scored a special victory at the 18th Annual USA Memory Championship – he won the hearts of everyone in the crowd and all of his fellow Mental Athletes. The foibles of any sport include the referees and umpires. In an unfortunate scoring snafu, Livan’s score was entered into the scoring system with an error. He should have placed sixth, placing him in the Championship round. Unfortunately, the error placed him out of the running and it wasn’t discovered until just before the final championship event. Championship organizers along with the five final Mental Athletes conferred, seeking the best possible outcome of the situation with no good options.  To allow Livan into the final event without having been stressed and tested through the first two championship events, would give him an unfair advantage over the others. Yet, we could not go back and start over, and to keep him out was unfair to Livan.  The final decision of the organizers was to allow Livan a total bye in the qualifying rounds of next year’s Championship and automatic entry into the Championship round next year.  Plus, our heartfelt apologies. Livan took the stage with the organizers, who announced the situation and decision to the crowd of hundreds of spectators.  Livan graciously accepted the decision. The entire crowd rose and gave Livan a thundering standing ovation for his sportsmanship and grace in this most difficult situation. Hats off to Livan!

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