Our Team

Tony Dottino

Tony Dottino

Founder and President

Tony Dottino founded the USA Memory Championship in November 1997. He has the conviction that each of us has the potential for far greater intellectual achievements than we ever thought possible. The USA Memory Championship emerged as an ideal venue for raising public awareness about memory and its critical role as the foundation for all our mental abilities.

In 1993, Tony launched the Florida based Dottino Consulting Group, which specializes in creativity, culture change, brain-to-brain communication and process innovation. He has co-authored two books, The BrainSmart Leader (1999) and Grass Roots Leaders: The BrainSmart Revolution in Business (2007), both which provide practical instruction by applying knowledge of how the brain works to improve business results.

Tony has been featured in the New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Business News, USA Today, Newsweek, Vogue, and Human Capital magazines, as well as on television and radio programs. Tony has adapted these skills to the health care industry and is teaching health care providers how to utilize these skills to improve patient care and their hospital experience. 



Michael Dottino

Michael Dottino

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Dottino is responsible for the financial performance, business development, strategy, and new product development for Memory Enterprises Limited (MEL).  His scope includes establishing joint ventures, negotiating sponsorships, and collaborating with research partners. 

Mr. Dottino brings almost 30 years of progressive finance experience with him to MEL.  Prior to joining the organization in 2017, he was a senior finance leader at Walt Disney World for almost 20 years, after providing advanced corporate financial analysis at Toys “R” Us and Arthur Andersen.  During his time at Disney, Mr. Dottino was responsible for complex financial valuations such as theme parks expansions, new resort development, cruise fleet expansions and the My Magic+ initiative.  His role required expertise in finding the ideal balance between direct financial returns versus qualitative long-term strategic implications.

Mr. Dottino recently was named Chief Executive Officer of Brain In The Box Group, a consulting and training organization specializing in business solutions using a blend of memory techniques, neuroscience, and time-tested strategies.  He also collaborates with the neuroscience department at MIT to ensure that the memory and learning principles included in the USAMC’s training are consistent with current research in the field. 


Karen Pinson

Karen Pinson

Chief Operating Officer

Karen Pinson is critical to making the USA Memory Championship happen. Ms. Pinson develops all of the event games and on the day of event serves as its Director of Operations. Karen is responsible for maintaining the USA Memory Championship website and its presence in key social media outlets. She also serves as the liaison to the Mental Athletes, helping them through the registration process, answering their questions and offering encouragement during the competition. Karen has been working with the organization since 1997.



Jim Karol

Chief Marketing OfficerJim Karol

Jim has been seen by millions of people from his numerous appearances on the Tonight Show, the Ellen Show, the Today Show, Howard Stern and many other television and news programs.  

Jim’s life story was featured in an NBC “LIVE” reality show called “Phenomenon” and has appeared on hundreds of international radio shows because of his UNBELIEVABLE memory and mental abilities.  He has also held three Guinness World records.

What’s really amazing is that Jim PERSONALLY booked himself at more than 4,000 LIVE events and ALL of his television and radio appearances!

Jim has worked with several major brands including Subway, Snapple, Dish Network and the United States Playing Card company.  He also works with NUMEROUS charities by helping wounded warriors, professional athletes and business leaders struggling with memory issues.

In his spare time, Jim loves traveling the U.S. military and USO, entertaining our troops around the world.