2016 Final Top 9 MA Rankings

Based on their morning rankings, the MAs chose their seatings for the first event as follows Paul, Katherine, Erica, Mallika, Tuan, Alex, Brad, Jesse and Jerry. Words To Remember: Word 5, company, eliminated Tuan Word 57, world, eliminated Paul Word 84, media, eliminated Jerry Word 95, football, eliminated Jesse. Katherine, Erica, Mallika, Alex and Brad […]

2015 Championship Results

The Championship Round began with Words to Remember.  The MAs were seated in the following order: Aaron, Nelson, John, Lance, Everett, Alex, Erica, Johnny.  Three MAs were eliminated as follows:  Erica, Everett and finally John on the 77th word,  thumb The second event, The Tea Party, had the five remaining MAs meet 6 guests.  The only MA […]

2015 Qualifying Round / Rankings

Positions 10-51 will remain unchanged for FINAL results.  Due to an error, Livan Grijalva was not advanced to the final rounds.  The results below show the adjusted rankings for the qualifying events.  *Please see Championship results for the Top 8 Final placements. USA Memory Championship Qualifying 2015 Results Names & Faces Speed #   Poem                    […]

2015 Mental Athletes

Aaron Mirman,  NY,  28 Alex Mullen, MS, 22 Alexa Williams, VA, 14 Amira Arora, NJ, 15 Andrew Gannon, NY, 20 Angela Park, NJ, 17 Anik Subramanian, NJ, 15 Austin Fung, NJ, 14 Brad Sundstrom, TN, 45 Charity Glenn, CA, 18 Christine Chen, NY, 18 Christopher Capobianco, NY, 35 David Bakis, NY, 37 Dory Mintz, NY, […]

2014 Championship Round

Words to Remember MAs were seated on stage and recalled in the following order:  Patrick, Livan, Nelson, Johnny, Michael, Alexander, Lance, Brad. Johnny was the first to be eliminated by the incorrect recalling “architect” as architecture. Patrick was next to be eliminated by not recalling the word “question” Brad was the final MA to be […]