Memory Training Course

Maximum Memory Mastery Program – COMING SOON!

Practical. Personal. Proven.

The USAMC is pleased to announce that for the first time, our memory training course will be available to both students and memory enthusiasts alike! 

This program is what we use to train competitors to prepare for the USA Memory Championship. It is an online course that features video instruction accompanied by quizzes, exercises, and other downloadables that lets you learn at your own pace.   The program is designed for anyone who wants to improve his/her memory and has little-to-no previous training. 

The lessons will help you significantly improve your retention and recall of data, in both your professional and personal life.  You can develop such proficiency that you’ll remember the name of every new person you meet, or memorize an entire deck of 52 cards!

The full course is approximately 6 hours and covers these topics:

1) Brain Fundamentals

2) Foundation of Memory

3) Loci Method/Roman Room/Journey Method 

4) Remembering Lists/Procedures In Sequence

5) Master Networking (Names and Faces)

6) Master Influencer (Mind Mapping Your Personal/Professional Contacts)

7) Powerful Presentations

8) Remembering Numbers and Metrics

Bonus 1 – Case Studies

Bonus 2 – Remembering a Deck of Cards

Each module has a pre-test and post-test so that the reader can establish a baseline and measure improvement. 

We understand that for memory training to be effective, each person must learn to memorize things in a way that is relevant to them.  The workbook format means that you will be able to take the techniques and personalize them to fit your own life experiences. For example, we include our Roman Room to use as a starting point, but also provide instructions to create your own personal Room to personalize your memory techniques.

The principles taught in the course are a combination of current neuroscience regarding how the brain links, connects and associates new ideas, along with 20 years of real world experience teaching students.