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A great big THANKS!!!  to Greg and Kathy Fowler for an incredible job of photographing and videotaping the event.  Check it out here.


Want to read and see more about the competition?  Check out these links!!!  USA Memory Championship: Hope for Humanity can be seen here.

Wall Stree Journal on-line video can be seen here.

The 14th USA Memory Championship in Ronnie White’s own words can be read here.

Team Champions Hershey High School’s  feature at can be found here.

NY Times sports write-up on Hershey High school can be seen here.

Nelson’s appearance on the Today Show, March 14th can be seen here.

NY Times review of 2006 US Memory Champion Joshua Foer’s book Moonwalking With Einstein can be read here.

Interview with Joshua Foer on the Colbert Report may be seen here.

Listing in TimeOut New York can be read here.

Hitting the press in INDIA!!!  Read about it here.