What is the USA Memory Championship?

The USA Memory Championship is an Olympiad for ‘thinking’ games. Set up as a sporting event for Mental Athletes, the tournament consists of memory challenging tournament-style competitive events including memorization of: 126 names and faces, a shuffled deck of cards, an unpublished poem, and speed numbers. Mental Athletes compete for gold, silver and bronze awards in individual competitions.  The top Mental Athletes from these events will advance to the Championship Round to compete for the title of USA Memory Champion.

What is the mission of the USA Memory Championship?

The USA National Memory Championship was introduced by Tony Dottino, President of Dottino Consulting Group, Inc., in 1997. While applying neuroscience to pragmatic applications in the business world, Tony was amazed that most people are unaware of the amazing potential of their own brain. As he discussed their “unlimited and amazing brain” he discovered that most were deathly afraid to talk about the subject, especially as it related to memory. Their number one concern: as you get older, you lose your memory.

Tony set out to educate people, both professionally and personally that, “Your brain is like a muscle. Exercise it! When given the proper training, it gets stronger, regardless of age!” While attending a business seminar, the speaker suggested that you do something unique to get your message across, like conduct the first competition of something. As timing would have it, Tony Buzan had been talking about a local event he conducted in an English Pub where people competed with each other to demonstrate their memory. The links and connections between the “two Tonys” got going and the 1st USA Memory Championship was held. The rest, as they say, is history.

The USA Memory Championship and its organizing committee are dedicated to the intellectual achievement of people by providing an understanding of the unlimited abilities of the human brain. We provide a forum to compete in the most important and fundamental skill of mental ability – memory.


Who can compete?

ONLY UNITED STATES CITIZENS ten (10) years and older are eligible to compete. If requested, the applicant must prove eligibility status by providing documentation as listed below:

  • United States of America citizen as supported by official government issued documents such as a state notarized birth certificate with a photo ID or USA issued passport.

When is the next USA Memory Championship?

The 20th USA Memory Championship will be split between two days, Qualifying Round to select Finalists: Saturday,  March 17, 2018 at The Best Western Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA, and Finalist Round (by advancement) on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the Kresge Theater @ MIT, Cambridge, MA.

The 2nd Annual Team USA Memory Championship will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at The Best Western Conference Center, Harrisburg, PA.


Can I watch the event live?

Spectators are invited and welcome to attend the event at no charge.  At this time the event will not be broadcast on television nor the internet.


How do I register to compete?

Additional information for is located in the registration section of the web site.


Can anyone come and watch the USA Memory Championship?

Absolutely! Spectators are always welcome and there is no fee to enter.