Speed Numbers Event

Mental Athletes will have 5 minutes to memorize a list of computer generated numbers which are presented in rows of 20 digits with 25 rows per page. Competitors MUST start with the first digit in the first row and continue with consecutive rows. Skipping rows is not permitted.  Once a row is skipped, scoring will stop.

Once the memorization period is over, the Mental Athletes will have 10 minutes for recall. There are 2 trials for this event and the best score is awarded.

20 points are awarded for every complete row that is correctly recalled in order. For every completed row of 20 that has any mistakes will score 0 points.

Scoring will continue for the duration of completed rows that have been completed.  Points will be awarded for each correct row   independently.  (A mistake in a prior or subsequent row will not stop scoring.)

For the final row completed, scoring is done a bit differently. If the final row is partially complete but all of the digits are correct, then the points awarded will equal the number of digits recalled.

Click the image below for an example:

Speed Numbers

Speed Numbers Example

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