The morning of the USA Memory Championship event will feature a Qualifying round of four events that will culminate with the top FIVE scoring TEAMS advancing to the Championship Round in the afternoon. The afternoon event features the Championship round that will determine the USA Team National Memory Champion.  The Gold Team will have two team members of their choosing advance to the finals and The Silver and Bronze Teams will have one team member each advance to the finals on July 14, 2018.

Individuals trying to qualify for the 20th Annual Championship at M.I.T. will not participate in the afternoon events on March 17.  The top seven individual scores from the morning events will qualify to advance to the finals on July 14, 2018.

Qualifying Events

The qualifying events (not  in order) are:

  1. Names and Faces
  2. Speed Numbers
  3. Speed Cards
  4. Poetry

Please note that all MAs will compete in all four Qualifying events.  Raw Scores for individual events will be calculated into Championship Points utilizing a Bell Curve and will be rounded to two decimal places. After all four events, the top eight scoring MAs will advance to the Championship Round.

** For 2018 after all four events are completed, the TOP 7 Individuals will be announced as Finalists to compete at M.I.T. on July 14 and the TOP 5 Teams will continue to the Championship Events.


Championship Events

The 3 Championship Round Events in order are:

  1. Words To Remember
  2. Three Strikes You’re Out
  3. Double Deck O’Cards

Each of the three events will be conducted in a round-robin style tournament commencing with five teams.   The top 5 teams will begin with the first event. Two teams will be eliminated during the first event, one during the second and one during the third to crown the US Team Champion.  Please review each event for detailed information.


For more details on scoring, see the scoring page.

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