Brain In The Box

Brain in the Box (BITB) is our most exciting product to date!

BITB combines our memory training manual, live instruction and demonstration, and the hosting of a complete memory competition right at your school.  It is our most comprehensive offering and is the equivalent of a memory-themed spelling bee plus a full curriculum of memory training for your entire school population.  The live instruction is to “teach the teachers”, so that they become passionate and skilled in personalizing the memory training for their own students.

The cost of Brain of the Box is an annual license fee of $1-2 per student, and to help offset the cost, BITB includes a kit for obtaining sponsors.  The goal is to enroll sponsors to fund the cover the cost of both the memory training and running the annual school competition.

BITB will be available for licensing as of July 14 (the 20th USA Memory Championship at MIT).  If you are interested, please contact us and we will negotiate a price specifically for your institution.