Boot Camp for the Brain

If you enjoy having memory training that is live, interactive, and lots of fun, then Boot Camp for the Brain is perfect for you!  Click the link below to download our brochure for BC4TB.


Boot Camp for the Brain is a curriculum of seven two-hour modules that provide comprehensive instruction of the brain, memory, and techniques for improving recall for a variety of topics (e.g., the correct order of a list of items, names and faces, numbers)

Each two-hour module is self-contained, and can be taught independently. The curriculum as a whole is intended to provide robust instruction
for someone who wishes to improve their memory in all aspects of life.

For beginners to memory, the two modules we recommend starting with are Roman Room and Names and Faces (with Memory Overview also included). These three modules can be combined into a four hour session.

Course instruction consists of a combination of “practice” and “theory”. Each session has two instructors; one who is an expert in teaching memory techniques (Tony Dottino), and the second who is an expert in demonstrating practical applications of those techniques (Jim Karol). Our experience shows that course attendees learn differently. Some learn better from theory; others learn better by demonstration.


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