2018 Qualifying Round

2018 2nd Annual Team Competition and Qualifying Round Results

Cumberland Valley Team


Cumberland Valley HS Team Memory Champions 2018

Congratulations to Cumberland Valley High School “Turtle Recall” for being 2018 Team Champions! 

The day proved to be quite competitive with defending Team Champions Hershey High School dominating the qualifying rounds by winning First Place in each of the four events.

Cumberland Valley prevailed by winning the afternoon, rising to the challenge and dominating the final event, Double Deck or Bust!



Past and present US Record holders, Nelson Dellis and Xuanxi Yang.



The Names & Faces US record was broken by its holder, Nelson Dellis, then immediately rebroken by a Hershey Middle School newcomer, Xuanxi Yang!





Nelson Dellis Marie Kaye

Nelson Dellis (left) Marie Kaye (right)


We had our first septuagenarian competitor as Dr. Marie Kaye demonstrated that memory, like age, is a state of mind!





Dr. Robert Ajemian, MIT

Dr. Robert Ajemian, MIT




The afternoon included a presentation on memory by Dr. Robert Ajemian, neuroscientist and researcher at MIT’s McGovern Brain Institute.





Chester Santos

Chester Santos




Chester Santos, the International Man of Memory and sponsor of this year’s event, was also a guest speaker on the topic of memory.






Thank you to everyone who participated – competitors, volunteers, organizers, spectators.  You made this a memorable event!