2016 Final Top 9 MA Rankings

Based on their morning rankings, the MAs chose their seatings for the first event as follows
Paul, Katherine, Erica, Mallika, Tuan, Alex, Brad, Jesse and Jerry.

Words To Remember:
Word 5, company, eliminated Tuan
Word 57, world, eliminated Paul
Word 84, media, eliminated Jerry
Word 95, football, eliminated Jesse.

Katherine, Erica, Mallika, Alex and Brad would be advancing to the second event.

Three Strike’s You’re Out:
Katherine was the first to be eliminated with three strikes missing the names of the first two guests and the date of birth for the third.
Mallika was the second to be eliminated with three strikes by missing the name of the first guest, hobbies of the third and food for the sixth.
Of the remaining MAs, Erica had two strikes (birthday of third, food of the sixth) and neither Alex or Brad had any.

Double Deck or Bust:
Erica was the first to be eliminated on the 43rd card, the Queen of Diamonds.
Brad and Alex went into the second deck of cards where Brad missed the 16th card, the 7 of Clubs.
Alex became our 19th USA Memory Champion and proceeded to complete the remainder of the second deck at leisure.


Final top 9 Rankings are as follows:
1. Alex Mullen
2. Brad Sundstrom
3. Erica Wang
4. Mallika Kodavatiganti
5. Katherine He
6. Jesse Cui
7. Jerry Yang
8. Paul Mellor
9. Tuan Bui