2015 Championship Results

The Championship Round began with Words to Remember.  The MAs were seated in the following order: Aaron, Nelson, John, Lance, Everett, Alex, Erica, Johnny.  Three MAs were eliminated as follows:  Erica, Everett and finally John on the 77th word,  thumb

The second event, The Tea Party, had the five remaining MAs meet 6 guests.  The only MA to complete the round without any strikes was Alex.  For the first time in our history, no MAs were eliminated and the five were advanced to the final event, Double Deck or Bust.

The final event, The Double Deck or Bust, eliminated the following MAs to re-crown Nelson as champion:  The first deck took three MAs:  Alex and Lance on the same card, the 3 of Diamonds and Aaron on the Ace of Diamonds.
Nelson and Johnny continued their battle into the second deck where Johnny was eliminated on the 12th card, the Ace of Club.  After taking a deep breath, Nelson went on to correctly recall the remaining 40 cards in the second deck.


1st:  Nelson Dellis
2nd: Johnny Briones
3rd:  Aaron Mirman
4th:  Alex Mullen
5th:  Lance Tschirhart
6th:  John Graham
7th:  Everett Chew
8th:   Erica Wang

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