Congratulations to Cumberland Valley High School “Turtle Recall” for being 2018 Team Champs!  The day proved to be quite competitive with defending Champs Hershey High School dominating the qualify rounds by winning First Place in each of the four events.

Names & Faces national record was broken by it’s holder, Nelson Dellis, then immediately by a Hershey Middle School newcomer, Xuanxi Yang. More details of the day will soon follow!

Past and present US Record holders for Names and Faces, Nelson Dellis and Xuanxi Yang, with Founder Tony Dottino.


 Thirteen Finalists advancing to compete in the 20th USA Memory Championship Finals will be (in order of ranking):

  1. Nelson Dellis
  2. John Graham
  3. Livan Grijalva
  4. Ron White
  5. Avi Chavda
  6. Claire Wang
  7. Tracy Miller
  8. Kyle Matschke
  9. Matt Wilson
  10. CVHS Turtle Recall 2018 Team Champs (one member TBD)
  11. BCA Brainiacs (one member TBD)
  12. Hershey Team A (one member TBD)
  13. Rockville Mnemonics (one member TBD)


The second competition, the 20th USA Memory Championship, will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2018 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the prestigious Kresge Auditorium, located in the heart of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) campus. These top MAs from March 17th, representing some of the nation’s best memories, will compete in live, on stage events to claim the title of 2018 USA Memory Champion. Stay tuned for more details!



2016 Reigning USA Memory Champion,
Alex Mullen

2016 USA Memory Champ